Reports, Statistics and Research

CUTA publishes a number of annual and special reports. These publications are available as hard or electronic copies. Please note that certain publications are available to CUTA members only and a number of these publications are available free of charge.


Statistical Reports






2015 Specialized Transit Fares



 January 30, 2015
 February 20, 2015


Urban Transit Statistics (CUTA-UTS)



Glossary UTS


 April 30, 2015


Urban Transit Statistics (MTO-UTS)


 April 30, 2015


Specialized Transit Statistics (CUTA-STS)



Glossary STS

 April 30, 2015


Specialized Transit Statistics (MTO-STS)


 April 30, 2015


Transit Fleet & On-board Equipment Statistics


Glossary Fleet & Equip

 March 31, 2015




Glossary Assets

 May 29, 2015


The Canadian Urban Transit Association is the only source of detailed transit statistics in Canada. The statistical reports prepared by CUTA include detailed operating and financial statistics for conventional and specialized transit systems, fare structure details, ridership data, performance indicators and much more. CUTA statistics are an exclusive member benefit.

CUTA collects over 500 data fields from each of its transit system members annually. These statistics and performance indicators are used by transit system members to track their progress over time, benchmarking themselves against similar transit systems and themselves.

To order a CUTA report, please contact the Technical Services Department.

Strategic Research

Strategic Transit Research Program

Internal Research Projects (CUTA Funded

Click on the project titles below to access a PDF copy of the project document.

 - Maintenance Benchmarking
 - PIT project
 - Canadian Transit Handbook Update via Wiki

CUTA's 5 Primary Strategic Research Projects (Member Funded)

Completed Strategic Research Project: Canadian Code of Practice for Determining Eligibility for Specialized Transit

Click on the project titles below to access a PDF copy of the project charter.

Project TitleProject DescriptionSponsorFunded to DateTarget FundingTargeted Start
Forecasting demand for accessible transit services

The project will provide recommended methodologies for:

- Determining capacity needs and service design considerations for future service;

- Specialized transit trip forecasting for transit systems of varying sizes; and

- Budgeting requirements for transit systems of varying sizes.

Accessible Transit Committee100% - Project Underway60KQ4 2013
Best Practices in Use of Business Intelligence for Transit Service Development

This project will include the development of:

 - Best practices in the acquisition and integration of the data generated by ITS systems;

 - Best practices in data management and  data integration to support business intelligence applications; and

 - Guidelines for business intelligence end user systems that can be used by transit planners and managers to improve services.

Planning & ITS0%80KQ2 2014
Best Practices for the Electronic Provision of Transit Passenger Information

This project will document best practices in:

 - The development and deployment of electronic provision of transit passenger information systems (including systems architecture and user interfaces); 

 - The creation and maintenance of the underlying data systems, integration of various components; and

 - The required resources to create, implement, and maintain the systems and existing standards, such as APTA's TCIP.

Planning & ITS0%100KQ4 2014
Guidelines for Communities to Build Transit

The project will provide: 

 - Methods to identify the most appropriate transit service models for different combinations of community size and development  density is needed as well as operational and administrative functions required to implement and operate transit; and 

 - Guidelines for estimating capital and operating costs for typical approaches and service levels, as well as potential sources of capital and operating funding.

The final product is intended for use by planners, decision makers and other stakeholders in communities that either have public transportation in place or are contemplating public transportation for the first time. 

Planning & ITS100% TAC starting Steering Committee115KQ3 2013
Accessible Transit Service Standards

This research project will offer accessible transit service providers the opportunity to establish a series of service standards.

It is intended to create a voluntary, consensus building process, to help Canadian transit systems provide leadership in this area of mobility management.

By researching practices in the delivery of paratransit service and understanding the effectiveness and efficiency implications of various service standards, CUTA is uniquely positioned to develop a compendium of best practices in service standards.  

Accessible Transit Committee49%80KQ3 2014